Owls Endangered

Owl Endangered Species

There are some species of owls out there that are threatened at this point in time and they may not be able to survive for much longer. Due to their habitat being destroyed, hunting, and other problems such as viruses they have a population that is very low. As a result of this they are struggling to be able to survive out there in the wild. It isn’t too late though to help these owl species to have a future.

However, in order for that to happen we need to acknowledge what the problems really are. Then we can be a part of the solution and not the problem. Too often humans only look at their own needs and desires without thinking about the owls or other animals that get harmed in that process.

The Barn Owl is considered endangered at this point in time. A lack of environment remaining as well as access to food has put it on this list. Many farmers use the land where these owls seek food too. That means that they aren’t able to find what they used to consume in such areas before. The fact that there are various farming methods that require moving around crops is part of this. The other is that many farmers continue to plant more and more to keep up with demand.

The Northern Spotted Owl is also on the endangered species list. They have a lower population to begin with than other species of owls. They too suffer due to the destruction of their natural habitat. They continue to have to try to find food and it gets harder and harder for them to find it. With the natural habitat being destroyed, the animals they usually feed on have also left to find shelter and their own sources of food in new locations.

What is interesting though is that there is a petition out there trying to remove the Northern Spotted Owl from the endangered species list. The reason is that they haven’t dropped very much in recent years. Yet there are plenty of experts that agree they need to continue being protected. Otherwise the risk of them being killed increases and it is extremely hard for this species of owl to increase its population.

The Burrowing Owl has problems with lots of predators as well as their habitat being destroyed. The land where they used to live is being taken so that roads can be built and even homes placed in those locations. Different types of pesticides used to control populations of grasshoppers are also known to be killing lots of the Burrowing Owls.

The Snowy Owl is also endangered due to the fact that these owls have a hard time finding enough food. Poachers also kill them in order to make money from the lovely feathers of this type of owl. Trapping them has resulted in their numbers taking quite a dip in the past couple of decades.

Even with efforts in place, the future is uncertain for various species of endangered owls. The fact that that they have been recognized though is a step in the right direction. There are also plenty of efforts in place for conservation and many people give their time and money to try to make a positive difference.

There are already several species of owls out there that have become extinct. We certainly don’t want to be adding to them. This is why it is so important to take the needs of all owls into consideration. The goal should be to do all we can to get the numbers back up for these owl species on the endangered list. At the same time efforts need to be made to ensure that more species don’t show up on that list.

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