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  • Owl Anatomy
    The unique appearance of the owl makes it very distinguishable from other types of birds out there. They feature a very large head and enormous eyes.
  • Owl Distribution
    Owls are found just about everywhere in the world, the one exception is Antarctica. These are very adaptable birds and so it isn’t surprising to learn that they have such a wide distribution out there in the world.
  • Owl Evolution
    Owls are amazing birds and research shows them to be highly adaptable to different environments and changes. As a result of this there is no doubt that they have been around for millions of years.
  • Owl Feeding
    The owl is a very fierce and powerful hunter so most of the time they capture their prey. They will only consume live animals so if they come across remains that someone else has killed they will leave it alone.
  • Owl Habitat
    Owls are well known as being very versatile birds when it comes to their habitat. They are able to live in a variety of locations and some of those may surprise you.
  • Owl Predators
    Owls definitely are very independent birds in the wild, but they do have predators to worry about. They are considered to be top food chain elements though so they don’t have too many problems.
  • Owl Reproduction
    For the most part owls are very isolated creatures. That all changes as spring approaches though because that is when mating can occur.
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